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25000+ Headphones

Super Power Bass Systems Three Stereo Channels

Cool LED Lights

Ear Pads with RGB Lights Blu Red & Green

Dee Jay Battles

More DJs Playing Together Three Different Music Genres
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At silent parties you can listen three different deejays! If you don’t like what deejay one plays, you can switch to deejay two with a single click, or even deejay three! You are in complete control of music! LED colored lights let you exactly know what your friends are listening, real time. It’s not just funny, it’s something emotional! Bring Silentdisco straight to your city!

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A unique and exceptional event, something really fresh in the new millennium: Silent Party (also known as SilentDisco or Silent Discotheque). It’s something completely different from what you can imagine, there are more deejays, different musical genres, and you have to wear wireless headsets to be involved in. During SilentParty there are deejays battles, people can decide which musical genre to listen to, and, thanks to SILENTSYSTEM LED lights headphones, every participant can see on which channel someone is listening to, even Deejays will compete to have the maximum number of listeners (the Headphones have three channels, so three people playing three different genre). Another very characteristic factor of the Silentparty is the possibility of creating parties in unconventional places, where playing music is usually not allowed: beaches, museums, historic areas, rooftops, squares, and wherever place comes to your mind. The Silent Party is a respectful and peaceful Discotheque, does not disturb anyone, and entertains everyone. We launched the Silent Formats in 2012, we were the first in Europe; today we are the Market Leader: we supply our customers with over 25,000 high quality Silent Disco headphones, for about 3000 events a year.