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Awesome experience. Very useful and easy to use
We used the SilentSystem wireless headphones on the occasion of a fitness event with solidarity purposes which involved the participation of over 80 people in a large park. No one encountered any problems and the initiative ran perfectly. Mr. Emanuele was very helpful and also proved to be sensitive to our mission. We highly recommend.
I rented headphones for a private party, it was a unique experience and it was a huge success! Excellent experience with LEM, professionalism and reliability, for a truly excellent product. I will do it again in the future!
I rented the Silentsystem headphones on 2 occasions at conferences and they are a very valid product! The customer service, the commercial office support you step by step in the request and identify the best product for you. Furthermore, the possibility of proceeding with the online platform to pay is very useful. I highly recommend this company to all event planners.
We have rented equipment in Burgos, they sent it to us in advance to avoid delays and they have been flexible for the collection, since there were a couple of incidents with the carrier. Communication with them is very good, the equipment was in perfect condition. It is very easy to assemble and use. A ten without a doubt!
At the moment I'm writing the review on the service and assistance because the headphones will arrive tomorrow and not having the product in hand yet I wouldn't know what to write. They are certainly serious and their efficiency is impressive. I found friendliness and professionalism. Impeccable and fast. At the moment I am very satisfied.
I had tried the Silent System headphones as a user and I was thrilled. So I decided to buy them to use them in my work. They are a versatile and very simple tool to use even for those who do not have technological tools and skills. I use them connected to the phone for example. The company is serious. I requested assistance from start to finish and I am grateful for having received it with professionalism and punctuality. Thanks especially to Mattia, who was able to advise me, give me time to decide if and what to buy, without applying any kind of pressure, and help me complete my purchase, up until the day of delivery. Thank you and good work, now enjoying my headphones 😀
Delivery and collection in Malaga. All perfect. You have to download 3 playlists for the 3 channels in the headphones. And it takes 3 devices (iPad / laptop). And to dance. It has been great.
Excellent service. .. professionalism and availability to the maximum 💪. I highly recommend ✌️
I bought the silentsystem headphones to organize training and lessons in the open air and I must say that I am super satisfied. I can always have the music available and thanks to the microphone lead the class in absolute tranquility without the need to scream.A great investment for those like me who love to live in nature without giving up the comfort of music 😉
Top experience. You absolutely must try. Excellent quality and impeccable service. To redo!!
Top quality 👍🏻 immediate assistance 👏 I couldn't do without it anymore 💃🏻 my students are fascinated by this Silent system 🤩
In addition to the excellent quality of the headphones both in hardware and sound level, to the impressive duration of the charge, to the great comfort (even if worn for a whole day) it is necessary to take into account the human level and the professionalism of the people who I'm behind Silentsystem! I have the pleasure of "collaborating" with them at the events of the Rockin'1000 as a guitarist for some years and they have always been available !! Especially in this edition, after an unpleasant incident, which I didn't want and caused, I was shown understanding and immediate resolution of the problem!In short, listen and be heard great!
Number one company!
I did it in Berlin, was amazing! Super equipment with high quality headphones.
The best Silent Disco headphones!
You Rock guys!

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