Established in 2012 we are the largest Headphones Provider
Market Leader in Europe and Switzerland
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The Silent Experience by Silentsystem Audio

Established in 2012, SILENTSYSTEM, we are largest Worldwide company specialized in the business of High Power Wireless Audio Systems for Silent Disco, Silent Party, Silent Fitness, Silent Yoga, Silent Cinema and Silent MeetingSound Quality and High Performances are at the base of our company. We will keep for high efficiency and innovation to provide customers with reliable quality, and excellent services.

We have offices in Europe [ Italy, Spain, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Germany, and Belgium ], Switzerland [ Locarno ], United States [ New York, Austin, Tampa, Oakland, Los Angeles, San Diego ] , Canada [ Vancouver, Ottawa ], South America [Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica, Colombia ], Asia [ China, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand ], Kazakhstan [ Almaty ] and South Africa [ Cape Town ]

Advanced Technology

Audio Systems for Silentevents Super Power Bass Headphones

Environment Respect

No more Noise Pollution Respect people next to you

Endless Possibilities

Your dreams comes true if you think large
Silentsystem: Quality & Innovation Straight To You

Multi-Channel Wireless Headphones
High Power Transmitters
Super Power Bass Speakers

I WANT TO BUY8+ ModelsI WANT TO RENT25.000+ Units

Silent Headphones Rentals

We rent wifi headphones for silentevents,
no noise parties, Silent Party and Silent Disco.

We offer a dedicate logistic service active
in all Europe and Switzerland

It's not Just Silent Disco

Silentsystem headphones uses aren’t limited
to SilentDisco, the horizons are much wider.

Conferences, meeting, multi language speeches,
open air cinema, art, sport, and much more.

Silent Experience at 360°

We work together with the best professionals
to create the best tailor made silentevent.

Party Experts, Best DJ’s, Audio Engineers
to make your event, the best event.


SILENTSYSTEM headphones will radically change the atmosphere that is usually breathed in public places, gyms, fairs, and many other realities. In addition to the advantages of the Easy Usetime and space optimisation we can’t forget the help that it brings to the environment: noise pollution is an element that is often neglected, but that must always be taken into consideration, and, as far as possible, avoided. There is no doubt that our unique headphones will definitely transform the rooted habits of all the worldly events and the most important meetings. Find out all about our Wireless Headphones Sales and Rental services.

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