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Welcome to the Silentsystem help page, where you will find support and quick answers about our RF Audio Systems and services. Explore the FAQ or seek specific assistance to maximize your audio experience with Silentsystem.

Orders and Payments

Why rent from you?

Silentsystem, established in 2012, has gained global recognition for the quality of its RF audio systems. Collaborating with major brands such as Yamaha Music Europe, Amazon, and Costa Cruises, it has earned a solid reputation in the world of major events. The wide range of products and the extensive availability of inventory are especially valued by customers.

Are the headphones suitable for children?

Children find great enjoyment in using headphones, often exceeding adults in enthusiasm. These headphones are designed to be suitable for all ages, with adjustable volume and headband. In addition to silent discos, the headphones are used in educational activities, listening to audiobooks, and watching movies, thus enriching the recreational and educational experience of the younger ones.

Can I test the system before purchasing?

Certainly! You can visit our Milan warehouse for a test of the equipment. As it is necessary to arrange the visit in advance, we invite you to contact us at 0287168124 or via email at [email protected]. The address is Via Torino 56 – Building 2, 20008 Bareggio, Milan.

What does the quote include?

Your order will include the rented headphones (plus spare headphones), RF transmitters (plus a spare transmitter), audio cables (if requested), and battery chargers for rentals exceeding 1 day.

What do you need to send a quote?

You will need to provide your personal/business contact details with a phone number and an email address. To request a quote, you can visit this page.

Can I modify my order?

Certainly! Up to 10 days before your event, you can increase or decrease the quantity of headphones by 20% relative to the original quantity ordered.

Can I place a last-minute order?

Online bookings should be made at least 5 days in advance of the event. However, if your event is more imminent, you can contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your request!

Is a security deposit required?

A security deposit is required only for the first rental. Once you become our customer, no further deposits will be necessary beyond the payment for the service.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept payments by credit card, PayPal, and bank transfer.

  • Bank Transfer:
    Account Holder: LEM International S.r.l.
    IBAN: IT07S0538734070000042534329
    Payment Reference: Last 5 digits of the offer SISY-XXXXX] 
  • Credit Card
    (NOTE: 2% commission on the total amount) 
  • PayPal
    (NOTE: 4.5% commission on the total amount) –
    [email protected]
Can i buy the system?

Certainly. In addition to rentals, we provide our systems to many clients around the world. You can find some offers on our online store.

Delivery and Pick-up

How do delivery and pickup work?

Usually, the delivery and pickup of the silentsystem are carried out by DHL Express courier. The delivery occurs at the latest one working day before the start of the rental. You will receive a message (via email or SMS, depending on the contact details we have) that will allow you to track the shipment. The equipment will then be collected on the working day following your event, and you will receive an email message with the DHL labels. You will need to seal the boxes with the branded straps found inside the parcels, print the labels, and wait for the courier’s arrival.

Is it possible to pick up at your warehouse?

Certainly, you can come to pick up and return the equipment at our Milan warehouse. It will be necessary to communicate the request in advance so that we can deduct the logistic costs from the quote. Our warehouse is located at Building 2, Via Torino 56 in Bareggio, near Milan. The pickup/delivery hours are from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Does the equipment arrive ready to use?

The headphones arrive charged and sanitized, our sanitization process is certified by CSI of Bollate. Upon explicit request, we also provide all the necessary audio cables to connect any type of device.

What happens if I am not present at the time of delivery?

In case of a missed delivery, the DHL courier will automatically pass by on the following working day.

Can the delivery and pickup addresses be different?

Certainly, it is possible. It will be necessary to communicate this to our operator when they call to arrange the pickup of the equipment.

How should I prepare the boxes for return?

On the working day following your event, you will be contacted to arrange the pickup of the equipment. You will receive the necessary DHL labels via email. It is important to carefully package the headphones and transmitters, using the provided straps to seal the storage containers. Make sure to remove the old delivery labels and apply the new ones for the pickup. Remember that you will be responsible for any damages to the equipment caused by inadequate packaging.

Is it possible to reschedule the pickup?

If you need to reschedule the pickup, please notify us no later than the working day before the scheduled pickup date. We will contact the DHL courier to arrange the new pickup. This may incur an additional cost. For each day of delay in the pickup, due to non-return, an additional rental charge will be applied. It is your responsibility to ensure someone is available for the pickup on the arranged day, even if you have entrusted the equipment to third parties.

Is it possible to take the boxes to a DHL center?

Certainly. With the labels you received via EMAIL attached to the boxes, and with the boxes sealed using the straps we provided, you can take the equipment to a DHL drop-off point. Here you can locate the nearest center:

What should I do if the boxes are delivered to me damaged?

If you notice any kind of problem with the boxes at the time of delivery, it is important that you tell the courier to note the delivery as ‘ACCEPTED WITH RESERVATION’. Keep in mind that the straps used to close the parcels are branded and therefore cannot be replaced by third parties.

What should I do if I find a discrepancy between the DDT and the items?

If, after receiving the equipment, checking it, and counting, you notice a discrepancy between the numbers indicated on the transport document and those actually found inside the packages, you must report it within 12 hours.

Technical Aspects

How does the Silentsystem work?

The RF systems for rental are extremely user-friendly and easily configurable thanks to “Plug and Play” technology. The radio transmitters, the heart of the system, allow for easy connection of the audio device to play the selected music. The RF wireless headphones, receiving signals from the transmitters, offer a direct musical experience. In-ear receivers can also be used. For assistance, technical guides are available both on the website and in the equipment package.

What devices can I connect?

Using the audio cables that we can provide, you can connect any audio device. The most commonly used connectors are XLR, RCA, 3.5mm jack, 6.35mm jack. In addition to these connections, we have transmitters that can be connected via Bluetooth.

Do you provide playlists for use with a smartphone?

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>We do not provide music players, but you can use Spotify and connect to our channel where you will find many playlists of different musical genres.</p>

How many headphones can connect to a transmitter?

The signal transmission is in broadcasting mode. This means that you can connect an unlimited number of headphones to a single transmitter.

On which frequencies does the system operate?

We have different types of systems that operate on various frequencies. The 3 and 5 channel equipment operates between 863 and 865 MHz, while systems with more channels operate at lower frequencies, around 640 MHz.

What area can I cover with the transmitter?

We have multiple models of transmitters that cover from a 50-meter radius up to 400 meters. With the help of passive antennas, it is possible to cover even larger areas.

How long do the batteries last?

The battery life of headphones and portable transmitters ranges from 8 to 10 hours. Battery life can vary depending on the volume levels and transmission power.

Can I use a microphone with the system?

Certainly. There are both portable transmitters that have inputs to connect wired or wireless microphones, as well as more powerful transmitters that can be connected to a PA/Mixer for communication with radio microphones.

Is there latency during transmission?

The analog audio system Silentsystem uses RF technology, ensuring zero latency and immediate signal transmission without delays in listening.

Is it possible to have headphones without LED lights?

Yes. In addition to having headphones without LED lights, or with subtle lights, you can remotely control the headphone lights and turn them off as desired.

Is it possible to have a system with 4 channels?

Certainly. We have standard systems that are 3 channels, 5 channels, and 10 channels; in addition to this, we can program headphones and transmitters to cover up to 25 channels. For information, you can send an email to [email protected]

Is it possible to customize the headphones

Customization is possible for a fee that varies depending on the number of headphones and the duration of the rental. Our screen printing department already has all the templates to brand any model of Silentsystem headphones.

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