Sennheiser A2003 Sennheiser A5000-CP Neumann KU-100

Audio equipment designed to integrate seamlessly into any professional setting. From handheld and tabletop microphones, ideal for dynamic environments and detailed recording sessions, to signal combiners and passive antennas for wide-range transmission, we offer solutions that combine quality and functionality. Our binaural studio microphones and high-quality audio cables ensure exceptional performance and reliability, meeting the most sophisticated needs with excellence.

Increases transmission power by 4dB

The Sennheiser A 2003 UHF antenna is a useful and user-friendly way to boost your wireless systems. In many environments with obstacles, signals can be lost, resulting in distorted and unclear sound. The Sennheiser antenna increases the range and receives more data from your microphone for an enhanced sound experience. The A 2003 UHF can be used in a variety of locations such as school classrooms, concert halls, churches, and anywhere clear sound is needed without the necessity of too many cables.

Increases transmission power by 8dB

This Sennheiser passive antenna represents the ideal solution for transmitting and receiving RF signals through UHF. The circular polarization of the antenna minimizes signal strength variations and nearly eliminates multipath issues. The antenna gain across the entire UHF band is higher compared to standard antennas. The wide frequency range from 450 to 960 MHz of the A 5000 CP allows antenna distribution systems, such as wireless monitors and wireless microphones, to adapt to different frequency ranges, thus offering maximum flexibility in complex RF systems.

Neumann Binaural microphone

The KU 100 is essential for many professionals, offering binaural reproduction that captures every sonic nuance with precise spatial positioning, ideal for an immersive headphone experience that transports listeners to the enchantment of the original performance. In addition to being an innovative method of sound interpretation, superior to conventional stereo microphones, it is excellent for audiobooks, audio tours, podcasts, and in-flight entertainment. The device includes two omnidirectional condenser microphones in artificial ears on a realistic head model, simplifying recording with phantom power and compatibility with various speaker systems, offering unprecedented sound depth.

Ultra thin 2 channels microphone

The BT-66 is an ultra-compact and extremely versatile wireless microphone system that includes a dual-channel receiver and two transmitters. With a unique design and excellent sound quality, the BT-66 microphone introduces cutting-edge technology, establishing itself as the ideal option for a wide variety of applications in content creation. The BT-66 microphone boasts a range of powerful features, including universal compatibility with fixed, mobile, and computer transmitters, an extended range (up to 100 m), and transmission stability. It represents the latest generation of Silent System Bluetooth microphones.

Headset and bodypack microphone

The Silentsystem G9 RF microphone represents an innovative audio solution, designed to ensure versatility and high-level sound quality. Equipped with two channels, this HD system offers exceptional flexibility. With HD technology, the Silentsystem G9 ensures crystal-clear sound transmission, ideal for any professional setting, whether live, in the studio, or outdoors. The intuitive design and simplified user interface of the G9 allow for quick setup and easy operation, while its robust construction ensures reliability and durability over time. Whether it’s presentations, theatrical performances, conferences, or concerts, the Silentsystem G9 RF microphone is the perfect choice for those seeking uncompromising audio quality and operational flexibility.

XLR goose neck microphone

The Silentsystem GN-83 tabletop microphone is a testament to acoustic engineering and refined design. Equipped with an XLR connector for reliable, high-quality connection, this microphone stands out for its ability to capture every nuance of sound with extraordinary clarity. The integrated mute button provides immediate control, allowing you to manage audio presence with a simple gesture, ideal for moments where precision and timing are crucial. Whether it’s a conference room, a debate, or a live performance, the GN-83 adapts perfectly to any setting, ensuring clean recordings and faithful audio reproduction to the original source. Its robustness and reliability make it a preferred choice for professionals who do not compromise on sound quality.

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