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Music, Sport and Headphones. Listening to music during physical activity increases resistance. In the silent experience, environment is much more dynamic, stimulating. The desire to get to your goals is filled with energy, by innovative tools. We launched the Silent Fitness Format in 2012. From that moment on, companies using our Audio systems achieved great results. Our headphones and transmitters perfectly fit this constantly growing sector. Our 2014 patented model, the SX809 has been the outstanding one for all sports activities: light, comfortable, solid and durable for every discipline. Big LEDs on both sides create special effects during night sessions or with low lights: innovation for high performance

Silent Walking, No Limits Workout and Street Fitness are among the most popular activities. Our portable transmitters are used here to move freely and work also “off-grid”: the trainer’s voice from his microphone and background music get from the transmitter directly to the headphones. Imagine a group of 500 people walking through the streets of Berlin, stopping to stretch and dance, that’s No Limits Workout, or Street Fitness. Its place, everywhere: beaches, mountains, woods, historical cities. The only limit is imagination. Silentsystem gives also the chance to “soundproof” gyms easily and quickly, with no big issues. Three channels, and no more noise. You can split an area into three virtual zones, where you can practice three different disciplines at the same time; for example, spinning, step and zumba.