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Experience and knowledge in the wireless world: we rent professional audio systems for conferences, simultaneous interpretation, company tours and much more. Thanks to our big stock, with a various range of devices (wireless multi channel headphones and wireless microphones) we can satisfy all our clients’ requests. Thanks to the cooperation with keen and committed experts, we offer installation services, and on site support and assistance during the event.


  • Academic activities: More and more schools are using our systems for theirs activities, first of all language schools.
    Thousands of students had their exams with our Silentsystem Headphones.
  • Simultaneous interpretation: This term means a real time translation during which the interpreter translates while the main language speaker is talking. Our systems made the translation booth old fashioned.
  • Exhibitions and fairs: Thanks to our technology even the most chaotic expo finds its path to an effective, easy communication.
    With wireless headphones and radiofrequency microphones, no need to yell to be understood in the crowd.
  • Guided Tours: Our systems are thought to be used in many environments, academic, professional, corporate and touristic. Visitors will have the best solution to enjoy museums, city centers and big company facilities.
  • Silent Cinema: You can organize open air projections, or in any peculiar venue, without bothering anyone. SilentCinema is the ultimate cinematographic experience, you’ll enter deeply into the dialogues and soundtrack of your favorite movies, thanks to our last-generation headphones.
  • Conferences and Workshops: Quality and easy understanding are the main topics for any corporate or institutional event.
    Our system guarantees success in any event environment.