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Asana e Meditazion 2.0
Hong Kong, New York, Berlin, Milan, Madrid
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SX809 Headset for Yoga and Mindfulness
Portable Transmitters with Microphone
Led Blue Lights for Visual
Wireless RF Microphone

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Combination of yoga and music in wonderful places will make your Silent Yoga Session the most memorable practice you have ever experienced. It doesn’t matter if you gonna practice indoor or outdoor, emotions and good vibes will be guaranteed. Using our SX809 wireless headphones during your Silentyoga Class will be an unforgettable experience, you will be able to flow between music and wellness.
Silentsystem headphones allow each participant to control their own volume and to switch between different channels, being able to listen to the instructor’s voice, and the music (which can be live, with DJ, or recorded). Thanks to the “isolating” function the headset offers you a full immersion, that allows you hear the whispers of your teacher as if you were alone with him. This format had a strong impact among Yoga experts, it has opened doors that before  wouldn’t have been possible to open. The wireless transmitter works perfect even for long distances (up to 500 meters), it has an high capacity battery, and the possibility to connect the microphone.

Silent Yoga classes are perfect for:

• Gyms and Yoga Centers
• Recreation centers
• Personal training studios
• Training Schools
• Meditative local halls
• Corporate fitness studies
• Corporate Events

Silentyoga Sessions are ideal for all the companies that want to offer something new to their clients.