Silent Headphones SX808 Double Funktion

Wireless Headphones SX808 Double Funktion | Three Stereo Channels

SX-808 Silentsystem Headset
SX808 Silent Headset
Wireless Headphones SX-808
Headphones Silentsystem SX808 DF
Silent Headset SX-808 Double Funktion


SX-808 Double Funktion Headphones are equipped with the latest generation speakers that allow the production of a linear sound, equalized and very clean, perfect for speeches, movies and music. The SX808 folding pavilions make it easy to carry around, and to store it. They have a very sober design, and small LED lights with different colors, to recognize quickly the channel you are tuned to. The Double Funktion system allows you to split the signal by using another wired headset, in fact on the pavilion there is a 3.5mm audio output. Excellent for conferences, translations, English schools, theaters and cinemas.


  • UHF / RF Wireless Headphones
  • Three Channels System
  • Special design for Silent Meetings and Cinema
  • Mini jack 3,5mm Audio Output
  • Rotating pavilions for an easy transport
  • Volume Control on the Ear Pad
  • Customizable volume adjustment
  • Soft pavilions for a pleasant listening
  • Built in Extra Power lithium battery


  • UHF/RF System
  • FM Modulation
  • Audio Output jack 3,5mm
  • S/N Ratio > 75dB
  • THD < 1%
  • Evolution EQ Speakers
  • Frequency Response 20~20000Hz
  • Channel separation > 30dB
  • 10/12 Hours Battery

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