Silent Headphones SX610 Top Up

Wireless Headphones SX610 Top Up | Ten Stereo Channels

Headset SX610 10 Channel Tav. 1
Headset SX610 10 Channel Tav. 2
Headset SX610 10 Channel Tav. 3
Headset SX610 10 Channel Tav. 4
Headset SX610 10 Channel Tav. 5


SX-610 Top Up headphones are built with Super Power Bass technology that guarantees the production of an enveloping and pleasant sound to satisfy even the most demanding. The pavilions in soft and fluffy material are perfect for enjoying listening even for many hours. Two huge LED lights on both the ear cups allow you to understand which of the channels you are tuned to. SX-610 headset has been designed with a double 5-channel system, switchable with the appropriate selector located on the right side. These Silentsystem headphones have been designed for all events where the number of channels is very important, such as simultaneous translation, meetings, conferences, conventions, and corporate events.


  • UHF / RF Wireless Headphones
  • Ten Channels System
  • Special design for Silent Events
  • Fantastic LED lights on the Ear Pads
  • Foldable design for easy transport
  • Channel selector located on the pavilion
  • Customizable volume adjustment
  • Soft pavilions for a pleasant listening
  • Built in Extra Power lithium battery


  • UHF/RF System
  • FM Modulation
  • LED Lights RGB
  • S/N Ratio > 75dB
  • THD < 1%
  • Evolution EQ Speakers
  • Frequency Response 20~20000Hz
  • Channel separation > 30dB
  • 10/12 Hours Battery

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